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Book Review: Finale by Stephanie Garber

Finale is the third book in the Caraval trilogy written by Stephanie Garber

I was given an Advanced copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review


Two months after the end of the last Caraval, Tella and Scarlett have been anxiously waiting to be reunited with their mother and have been dreading the arrival of the Fates who have been released from their deck of cards. Tella, has been mourning the loss of the only boy she’s ever really loved; a boy who never really existed in the first place. As the Fates begin to wake up, secrets are revealed and alliances are forged and broken. Tella and Scarlett must rely on each other and decide who else to trust, because Caraval is over, but the game has just begun.

This book is an excellent conclusion to the Caraval series. It is told from both Tella and Scarlett’s point of view as they navigate through heartbreak, revealed secrets and the return of the Fates.

I have read a couple of reviews that call Tella “Immature” and “Selfish” and I just wanted to remind readers that Tella is sixteen. Please show me a 16 year old who is not at times slightly immature and a little selfish. So keep that in mind while reading. And if you are an older reader, like me, remember that this book is intended for YA readers (13 to 18) and so before you review check and make sure that you are reviewing with the audience in mind.

I loved this book just as much as I loved the previous two. I was excited about the return of Scarlett and Julian. The two of them are as precious together as they were in book one, even when Scarlett decides she wants to be the Bachelorette and Julian obviously knows nothing about women.

There were a couple of story lines that went unfinished, and while they weren’t huge gaping plot holes, I feel like they ought to have been addressed. The biggest thing was the fact that Legend dated Tella and Scarlett’s grandma (?) and everyone forgot about it like it wasn’t weird… but it’s a little weird.

Overall it was a wonderful conclusion to the series and I can’t wait to see what Stephanie Garber writes next!

Recommended for

YA readers of all ages. No adult sexual content.

Especially recommended for fans of Fantasy, magic and “Alice in Wonderland”

Contraindications/ Cautions

Abandonment by a Parental figure- this is a recurring theme throughout this book, just like it was in the last book.

Abuse by a parental figure

Torture and Imprisonment

Side effects

Still wishing you had an awesome wardrobe like Tella’s- she had a dress made of feathers!

Developing Book crushes on both Dante Legend and Julian

Really questioning Julian’s knowledge of women- come on boy aren’t you a million years old (slight exaggeration), you really should be better with women.

Final Thoughts

Great conclusion to the series! I loved all three of these book and recommend them to anyone looking for a series with strong female leads, some cute boys that stand back and support the heroines, and a whole lot of magic!

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